Finally, the secret recipe…HUMMUS!

The Headmaster’s Secret Recipe for Hummus:

Fair warning, this is for a massive amount of hummus. You can halve this recipe just fine, just remember that much of this is to taste.

We’ll do this in stages, just so the consistency is right. First thing you’ll need is a food processor. I’ve used a blender before, but the food processor really gets the job done. That, and I’ve burned up two blenders making hummus. So yeah. Remember I told you that this yields a massive amount of hummus. Just so you know how much I make…I have a Cuisinart Prep 11 Plus processor, so consider yourself forewarned.

1/2 c Tahini (No substitutions if you want it right)

2 lemons, juiced (and keep the pulp)

Place these two items in the processor and go to town. Let the machine go for about a minute, then scrape the sides and let it go another minute. Check the smoothness. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

2 Cloves Garlic (finely minced) OR 1/4 c Granulated Garlic (not garlic powder)

2 T EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

2 T Cumin (freshly ground, if at all possible)

2 T Ground Cayenne Pepper (or less, if you can’t handle the heat)

4 T Sweet Paprika (yep, I mix it in)

2 T Smoked Paprika (one of the two secret ingredients)

2 T Ground Chipotle Pepper (secret ingredient number two)

2 T Kosher Salt (plus more to taste later)

Add these ingredients and spin for another minute. Still smooth as can be.

4 15-ounce cans Chickpeas/Garbanzo beans (they really are the same thing), drained and rinsed

1 c Water (you won’t need it all)

1/2 c Fresh Parsley (yup, I mix this in, too)

2 T Kosher Salt (told you you’d need more; this to taste)

Add a little at a time, and let the processor do its thing. Add the parsley and keep adding chickpeas and water in as you go, just to keep that consistency rich and creamy. Add the salt and test as you go. The flavor is perfect when you feel a zing of acid and spice in perfect harmony. That tells you that you have the right amount of salt.

1/4 c EVOO (you know what this is by now)

So the last step is what I consider the most crucial. Sure, you have a thick, creamy consistency, but it can be a little clunky without more lubrication. So get the processor spinning, then open the little hatch and drizzle in the oil. I do this from a squeeze bottle, just so I can control the amount going in. The reason I do this is it takes a thick, wonderful hummus and turns it into an emulsion. Trust me when I say that this recipe is only as successful as it is because we’re making an emulsion twice. Once with the lemon juice and tahini (which is an oily paste), and again with drizzling the oil in during the last step. I think it’s the key to making the stuff as creamy as the kind you can get at the store.

Oh yes, one last thing: this stuff is ready to eat as soon as you scrape it out of the food processor, but one last thing that really makes this stuff shine is popping it into the fridge for an hour or two and really let those flavors meld together. Think of it like a good soup or stew. Always better the next day, right? Same principle here. And just let the stuff come to room temperature, and it’s still creamy. Voilà!

Go to town on this stuff. Just ask any attendee of a Superhero University workshop, and they’ll tell you. This stuff is awesome!

Another successful workshop in the books!

It’s always awesome when you get thanked for your efforts. It’s even better when you can go home, as I did after dropping Pat Fraley off at the airport, and kick your feet up and bask.

That’s just how great this workshop went.

First, a great SU thanks to Renee Fraley for letting us borrow her husband for about 48 hours. Pat continues to be one of the most prolific voiceover coaches in the industry, and we are extremely fortunate to have him come to Dallas again and again. It’s truly a testament to his worth as a coach when he just keeps finding new ways to  impart wisdom. The fact that he gives away free lessons when people constantly poo-poo that practice is something that people should notice. When a person fills classes all over the continent, at all times of year, that shows that a person can give away a glass of water and still sell it by the bucketful. 

Second, thank you to my dear friend, Cliff Zellman. He is a boon companion, and to see him giving technical direction and then Pat giving internal direction in tandem was just awesome to behold. Cliff is a true friend to the voiceover industry, and those many years of sitting next to the best and worst directors in the business has given him one of the most valuable perspectives through which a talent could ever hope to look. Thank you so much, Cliff.

Third, thank you to the wonderful hospitality of Cake Mix Recording, of which we have a long and incredible relationship. The facilities are a perfect fit for our workshops and seminars, and I treasure the times I get to spend with Bruce and Lisa Faulconer at their beautiful studio.

Next, thank you to all our amazing talent for attending. What an amazing group. So many people with such great ability. It was really awesome to see the workshop transform from mere self-direction to a full-blown performance class just because of how fast you all picked up on the material. Blown. Away. Thank you all for coming, and I hope we can expand your education more in the future.

And last, and most of all, thank you to my beautiful wife for always making our workshops go so smoothly, from prepping lunch to taking pictures, greeting our attendees and helping me get our coaches where they need to go. I could not do this without you, and the fact that this weekend went as flawlessly as it did is a testament to your diligence and our teamwork. I love you, and thank you.

So, once again, thank you to all that helped make this weekend a stellar one, indeed. Count on the fact that we’re going to do this all over again one day soon, and more than likely, have a class at least once a quarter. This because I know that information overload is a real thing, and you need to be able to assimilate information into your daily routine before packing even more into your brain. We will continue to work in partnership with the Dallas Voice Acting Meetup Group and The VO Crowd to make as many opportunities available for voiceover education as possible, because an informed talent is a professional one. 

All the best, and see you next quarter!

Brad Venable, Vhd. 

Headmaster, Superhero University

SU Professor Emeritus Marc Cashman returns on July 20-21!

He’s baaaaaack! Get ready, Dallas, for two killer V-O workshops!

Videogame Madness with Randy Ryan of Hamsterball Studios Saturday, July 20th, 2013, 10AM-6:00PM at CakeMix Recording

You’ve played videogames for years (or seen kids play them) and you figure, “Hey, I could be one of those voices!” Well, you know what? YOU COULD! But it’s not as easy as it looks (or sounds!) Want to know how to break into videogames? Or how to create videogame characters? Want to be directed by a real videogame producer—someone who hires voice actors from all over the country?

I have to say Marc, I really enjoyed your class and feel that I got a lot of bang for my buck!! I’ve been to many workshops and love your charisma, humor and share your passion for the art, too!! –Milton Lawrence

This one-day workshop is your chance to have entrée to one of the top videogame producer/directors in the U.S.:

Randy Ryan of Hamsterball Studios in Austin, TX.

He’ll direct you in the studio with challenging scripts from recently produced Hamsterball videogames, and show you exactly what’s involved in passing muster in the world of videogame voice acting.

Marc Cashman’s Voice Over workshop is an invaluable tool for every voice actor. This workshop helped me understand the nuances I need to implement in my voice-over performances in order to stand out from the crowd and book the job. It’s the type of workshop you can take one time or several times throughout your career to stay fine-tuned.  –Terese Aiello

Want to find out if you’ve got what it takes? The VIDEOGAME MADNESS V-O WORKSHOP is a terrific, challenging day for intermediate, advanced, part-time and full-time voice actors who want a sneak peek behind the curtains of the world of videogame V-O production.

  • This one-day workshop will show you:
  • How to submit job-winning auditions
  • How to develop characters that producers want
  • How to prepare for a videogame session
  • Where to submit your videogame or animation demo

This workshop was A LOT of fun and a great voiceover workout for anyone. You challenged us with specific types of videogames that we’ll encounter, and the extra goodies & info you packed into it are invaluable.  Terry Brown

The VIDEOGAME MADNESS V-O WORKSHOP will give you objective, critical feedback on your performance abilities. It’s limited to just ten participants! Marc Cashman will take you through your paces in the morning with some challenging videogame V-O exercises, followed by in-studio direction with Randy Ryan.

Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks included! Just $395. No VISA, AMEX or Paypal or cash—sorry. Checks, money orders, CHASE QuickPay, fine.


The Art and Skill of Audiobook Narration with Kelly Gildea of Random House

Sunday, July 21st, 2013, 10AM-6:00PM at CakeMix Recording

If a 30-second spot is like running a 50-yard dash and a 60-second spot is like running a 100-yard dash, narrating an audiobook is like running a 26.1-mile Marathon!

It’s the ultimate in long-form narration—the one area of voice acting that will outlive you and be a legacy for your descendants to hear.

Thanks so much, Marc, for your positive support and for a day chock-full of useful advice and helpful pointers. You have a unique ability to analyze narration, not only for its overall effect, but also with your thoroughness and careful attention to details. You are definitely a super teacher. I can see why you have been so successful as an audiobook narrator. Thanks again for a solid and useful workshop. –Caroline Corser.

It takes a lot of specialized skill-sets to pull it off. Want to know how to break into audiobooks? How to sustain your voice for hundreds of pages?

Want to be directed by one of the top audiobook directors in the country?

This one-day workshop is your chance to read for Kelly Gildea of Random House/Books on Tape.

She’ll be in the directing you on actual audiobook passages that she uses to audition new talent, and show you exactly what you need to know to make it in the competitive arena of audiobook narration.

Want to find out if you’ve got what it takes?

THE ART AND SKILL OF AUDIOBOOK NARRATION WORKSHOP is an intensive full day for advanced, part-time and full-time voice actors who want a thorough understanding of the tips, tricks and techniques of audiobook narrators.

Thank you for the fabulous workshop. I learned so much from you and from your guest director. As a teacher/director, I also learned volumes about how to communicate with actors. You inspired people to make major changes with just a few clear directions on issues I’ve struggled with for years. –Flora Plumb

This one-day workshop will show you how to:

  • Narrate fiction vs. non-fiction
  • Develop audiobook characters
  • Keep characters consistent throughout a story
  • Prepare for an audiobook audition
  • Prepare for an audiobook session
  • Make an audiobook demo and where to submit it

A short note to express my thanks for a great learning experience. I really appreciated your attentiveness and expertise. I now feel I have a clearer sense of what I must work on and a greater sense of confidence to do so. Your collaboration with your guest director was a brilliant feature of the day. –Joe Caron

Marc Cashman, narrator of over 100 audiobooks and named by AudioFile Magazine as one of the “Best Voices of the Year”—three times—will be taking you through your paces with some challenging audiobook exercises, followed by a one-on-one directing session with Kelly Gildea.

Audiobooks, yet another amazing workshop with Marc Cashman! I have had the honor of taking several of Marc’s workshops, all of which were just great and got me work! This one did not disappoint. Marc is such a blessing as a teacher and award winning talent, that you can not help but excel, not to mention be infected by his enthusiasm for the art. Bringing in a renowned director to give us his expert opinion and critique was great, plus it gave us a real opportunity to see where we stand and expose us to real work opportunity! That literally pays for the class! Bravo again Marc! You knocked it out of the park! –Patty Mattson

THE ART AND SKILL OF AUDIOBOOK NARRATION will give you objective, critical feedback on your performance abilities and is limited to just ten participants!

Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks included! Just $395. No VISA, AMEX or Paypal or cash—sorry. Checks, money orders, CHASE QuickPay, fine.

Marc says, “Many of my students have gone on to work for the guest directors I bring into these workshops. And I send you your scripts ahead of time, before the workshop starts, so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running. If you want to experience fun, challenging, rigorous V-O workshops, these are the ones to mark your calendar in 2013.”

Each workshop is $395.

To reserve your seat, call Marc at 661-222-9300 and leave your name and number clearly. Or email Marc and we’ll confirm and give you directions to the studio. I look forward to seeing you in Dallas!

P.S. If you know of anyone in or near Dallas who’d be interested, please send them to!

If a picture says a thousand words…

…then how many for 227 pictures?

Yes, your Headmaster stole his wife’s camera, got all artsy, and played shutterbug for the weekend at Marc Cashman’s workshops!

And if you think 227 pics is bad…we had to toss out over a hundred! 

Yeah. The HM took a lot of pictures. Wanna take a look? Head over to our Facebook page. Give it a like while you’re there.

Marc Cashman giving direction to talent at his “Cashman Cache of Voice Acting Techniques” class in Dallas on May 5th.

Marc Cashman giving direction to talent at his “Cashman Cache of Voice Acting Techniques” class in Dallas on May 5th.


Brad Venable: He is an award-winning commercial producer, writer and casting director, a voice talent named one of the “Best Voices of the Year”—twice (now THREE times -Ed.)—by AudioFile Magazine, and a world-renowned voiceover instructor and coach. Tonight, the Voice Actors Studio welcomes Marc Cashman.

How did you get started in the voiceover industry?

Read More

WORKSHOP: Marc Cashman returns May 5th & 6th!

You asked for it…and now, you got it! 

After the rousing success of “The Cashman Cache Commercial Workshops” last February (wow, has it been that long??), the poor folks who missed out on Marc’s dulcet tones and incredible instruction will wait no longer!

'Marc' your calendars for May 5th & 6th. That's when the Commercial King will be back in Big D for two outstanding workshops!

For booking information, call 661-222-9300 or email at

Here’s the skinny on each, in Marc’s own words:

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Superhero U’s latest workshop brings our friend Pat Fraley back to Big D for a marathon behind the mic! Click for details!

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